Indo Cleaner 2008

Indo Cleaner 2008

Indo Cleaner is optimization software that will help you clean up file lists
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Indocleaner Software.

Indo Cleaner is a unique application for optimizing the past records by cleaning up the recent history of files from the applications that are installed currently on the system. Its key features include cleaning capabilities with: Windows Explorer to clean up recent documents, Run (Start Menu), Search Auto Complete, Explorer MRUs, Windows Applets: Recent List in Paint, WordPad and Registry Editor, System: Recycle Bin, Temporary Files, Log Files, Clipboard,

The program can also work with different browser like Internet Explorer: Cookies, Temporary IE, Type URLs, Last Download locations, Opera: Cookies, Internet Cache, History, Mozilla Firefox: Cookies, Internet Cache, History, as well as Safari: Cookies, Internet Cache, History. It can work with Microsoft Office to clean up Recent-List in Microsoft Office Applications, such as Microsoft Word, Excel, etc., along with OpenOffice, Adobe, Macromedia, Media Player and a variety of other applications.

All the bugs existing in the previous versions have been fixed in the latest version 1.2.1 of the Indo Cleaner to provide satisfactory performance; however, this software has always been prone to bugs, hopefully this time it won’t be the same case.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Free from all previous bugs


  • Satisfactory performance with latest versions of all browsers is not guaranteed
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